OLFA RB45-1 rotary blade for OLFA 45-C rotary knife


Spare blade for OLFA 45-C rotary knife. 1 pcs. per package.


Spare blades for OLFA RB45-1 rotary knife

1 pcs. per package.

One spare rotary blade OLFA RB45-1 in plastic box for OLFA 45-C rotary knife. Measurements of the blade – 45mm diameter and 0,3mm thick.

The RB45-1 blade is manufactured by the Japanese firm – OLFA. Highly durable, recommended for non-thick materials.

OLFA RB45-1 резервни резци

OLFA RB45-1 is compatible with the following OLFA knives:

  • RTY-2/G
  • RTY-2/DX
  • RTY-2/NS

OLFA 45-C blade

Recommended for cutting:

  • linoleum
  • carpets
  • film
  • nylon
  • artificial grass
  • and many more

Additional information

Weight0.019 kg
Dimensions16 x 6.5 x 1 cm

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