3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1


3M Low Friction Sleeves that allow you to have scratch-free applications. Recommended for vehicle graphics, window films, graphic print films, and many more.


3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1

3M Low Friction Sleeve is designed for 3M PA1-B и 3М PA1-G squeegees. It provides scratch-free film application. 3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1 is made from coated paper – Tyvek, that has great strength and low friction.Thanks to its structure, the 3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1 allows you to have perfectly smooth surfaces, without cuts or stains. In the same time, it prolongs the life of the squeegee and improves its sliding properties.

Package consists of 5 pcs.

Applications of 3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1

The Low Friction Sleeves are used with all types of film. They are an absolute must-have when you use textured films.

  • carbon films (textured)
  • DI-NOC films (textures)
  • graphic print films
  • clear view films
  • window films
  • and many more
3M Low Friction Sleeves
3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1

During applications, the entire surface of the Low Friction Sleeve is being used.

How does it work?

Make one swift move over the squeegee every 5-6 mm until the surface of the 3M Low Friction Sleeve SA-1 wears-out.

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